Rules for Online Pokies

Everyone who is looking to play pokies online is looking for fun, but players come from different backgrounds and levels of experience. If you started out playing pokies in pubs or in one of Australia’s land based casinos, you already know a little something about these distinctively Aussie games. You may also bring a good knowledge of the Internet with you when you look for online pokies to enjoy. If you are a complete newbie, that’s fine; everyone has to start somewhere. Just make sure that you have a good computer with a high speed Internet connection to begin with, and the rest will fall into place over time. Have a look at these rules for playing pokies on the Net to help you understand the basics.

How Online Casinos Work

Online casinos are websites styled to resemble attractive brick and mortar casinos, offering a selection of wagering games. Of these, online pokies, Australia’s beloved slot machine games, are very popular due to their high payout percentage relative to wager size. These casinos will allow you to play for free, betting and “winning” funny money, for as long as you choose. Once you decide to move into gaming with real money, you are required to register with the casino of your choice and choose an approved method of payment. A personal gaming account will be set up for you, and as soon as you deposit funds, you’ll be able to start playing and hopefully winning.

Understanding the Games

The games themselves are fairly straightforward and easy to understand. Similar to land based slot machines, you choose a certain number of virtual coins to bet. To potentially win the jackpot, you must wager the maximum number of coins, but smaller numbers will still make you eligible for more modest payouts, detailed on the pay table. Click “spin” to set the pokies’ reels in motion. When they stop, a winning combination of symbols will mean a payout. Multiplier symbols will increase your payout several times. Also look for free spins and bonus rounds, which will add to the fun by giving you extra playing time and more chances at the cash prizes.

Dos & Don’ts

To make the most of your online playing time, follow these simple dos and don’ts. Do remember always to cash out after a win. Do set yourself a gaming budget before you start an online pokies session, and stop when you reach your limit. Don’t keep playing when you are overly hungry, tired or drunk; stop for a snack or a rest. Do lower the amount of your wagers if you seem to be on a losing streak – this will allow you to continue playing, although for smaller stakes, for a longer period of time. Do set a maximum win (yes, really!) so that if you are lucky enough to reach that figure, you will stop instead of continuing until you lose again. Above all, do have fun.

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